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Corporate & Business Customers

*Prices indicated above exclude VAT and are limited to orders of up to 10 units. For all orders above 10 units please contact our B2B representatives.

EXPANSYS ! Your point of contact for all your high-tech needs

The EXPANYS B2B service provides excellent high tech solutions for businesses and corporations. If you or your Business possess a VAT exemption number you can become one of our VIP clients and enjoy the benefits of a complete personalised service with better rates and other commercial advantages.

In order to provide you with the best possible service we will assign you an account manager within our B2B team who look after your business needs and be at your disposal for any possible technical inquires, shipment tracking, purchasing, and quotations. Our EXPANSYS B2B team is available daily from 9h to 17h by email and will respond to all your requests with uttermost promptness.

  • Commercial Advantages

  • Great business rates on all products in the EXPANSYS catalog (depending on the quantity of your order)

    The possibility of a 30-day payment period

    Personalised service and dedicated customer support specifically for your business

    Drop shipping service where we can fulfill your order directly to you or to your clients. This way, you will not only benefit from fast delivery, we will also take full charge of the logistics of your order.

    24 hour delivery in all of Europe (subject to stock availability)

  • Our Product Range

  • The EXPANSYS catalog features over 40.000 high tech products from most major brands and manufacturers. All products are guaranteed in Europe in accordance with manufacturer warranties (1-2 years).

    • Smartphones and mobile phones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Computer Peripherals, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
    • Photo/Video
    • Gaming consoles

    We also provide a wide selection of high tech accessories.

  • Administrative Procedures

  • We offer the possibility of several payment methods to our business customers:

    • Credit Card (for all orders inferior to 1000€)
    • Bank Transfer
    • Payment upon delivery

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