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    In today’s age when incorporating technology into your life on a daily basis is almost a given, the quantified self movement has become as inevitable as it’s become indispensible. Tracking one’s personal life data such as food input, sleeping, mood, personal training and performance has gained huge significance and has proved to improve daily functioning.

    Devices such as the FitBit tracker, Jawbone UP, Nike + FuelBand, Pebble, Withings Smart Body Analyzer, and iHealth Blood Pressure Dock are designed with the human body in mind enabling you to take the best possible care of your mind, body and spirit every single day.

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    Wearable technology is quickly gaining momentum with hugely successful watch devices such as the i’m Watch, the Cookoo Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Acting as complementary gadgets to your smartphone or tablet, these wearable and stylish accessories simplify your daily mobile use and enable you to be more connected at any given moment.

    But it’s not just the wearable technology that’s become a huge trend; there are fun gadgets such as the adventure friendly Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0 and the GoPro Hero3+ that are crucial when we’re discussing the best of the latest tech.

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    As we’ve seen by now, advances in today’s technology enable us to tremendously simplify the daily operations in our household as well. Devices such as the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant and the Parrot Flower Power are just two examples of how high tech can help even those not blessed with a green thumb. And with Lapka’s ingenious personal environment products, which can measure radioactive particles, electromagnetic fields you can truly make your home a better and safer place.

    Baby monitors such as the Withings Smart Baby Monitor are a blessing for any new parent, and of course there are also those connected objects that make home life even more enjoyable such as the AWOX Striim Light and Bluetooth speaker or the Lumen App Enabled LED Color Smart Bulb, both of which bring a little extra fun and light into your home.